Growing & Excelling in Tech: The Emelder Okafor AltSchool Story

By Emelder Okafor Introduction I am Emelder Ekenechukwu Okafor, a student at AltSchool Africa studying Front-end Engineering. I was fortunate to secure an internship role at Octosoft Technologies, a software company in Yaba, Lagos State, which specializes in building solutions for the healthcare system. Our current project involves developing an

From Skepticism to Front-end Engineer: The Victor Chukwurah AltSchool Story

by Victor Chukwurah Introduction My name is Victor Chukwurah, and I have been working as a Frontend Engineering Intern at Octosoft Technologies for the past five months. It has been an incredible journey thus far. Octosoft follows a hybrid work model, which means I have the opportunity to work both

AltSchool Africa partners with OpenLabs Ghana to provide access to curriculum, infrastructure

AltSchool Africa, a leading Edtech company, has partnered with OpenLabs, a leading brand in technology training in Ghana to provide access to its cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) and content infrastructure. This partnership which brings together the best of both worlds–the vast experience and expertise of OpenLabs in face-to-face

AltSchool Diaries: My Product Design Journey at AltSchool Africa

How it all started My name is Sanusi Abdulrahman and I am a Product Design student at AltSchoolAfrica. I had wanted to learn a tech skill for the longest time but was uncertain about which one to do or where to start. Is it Product Development or Design? I had

Data Scientist vs Data Analyst: What is the Difference?

Data Analysts and Data Scientists are some of the most sought after professionals in the world today due to the increasing demand for data experts in various industries. However, for beginners considering a career in Data, making the distinction between these roles and choosing which to go for often poses

Is Data Analysis a Good Career?

Yes! And I’m going to tell you why. In our previous publication [], we discussed what Data Analysis is and what a Data Analyst does at length. In the post, we painted a pretty clear picture of what the day-to-day of a Data Analyst looks