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'React for Beginners' explained by a Beginner

by Godwin Martins Godwin Martins, FrontEnd Engineering Student at AltSchool AfricaMy first attempt at learning Reactjs was met with a setback because I didn't understand Javascript enough. Two weeks into learning #Reactjs at AltSchoolAfrica and a few lessons from Setemi Ojo (AltSchool Africa Instructor) I now grasp what Reactjs is.

AltSchooler Diaries: My Second Month Learning FrontEnd Engineering at AltSchool Africa

Deborah “Debbie” Okonu, Frontend Engineering Student at AltSchool AfricaHi! 👋 Deborah Okonu here again, documenting my journey learning Frontend Engineering at AltSchool Africa’s School of Engineering! Weeks ago, I published an article where I shared my experience learning at AltSchool Africa. I wrote all about my first month in school

AltSchooler Diaries: The Rules of Programming Languages

written by Ayomide Johnson Salami Photo by Chris Ried on UnsplashNormally, there are rules that guide our usage of certain languages either written or spoken (i.e syntax and semantics.) For instance, in English, the first letter in every sentence must be capitalized. Punctuation marks must also be used appropriately